Index of Vir/17

Theravada Buddhist Dhamma Talk Collection:
"Tisarana Residential Retreat Sept 2013 (Vir 17)"

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"Conventional Truth, Liberating Truth"
"Restraint of Sensory Input"
"Listening as Meditation Object"
"Craft as Analogy (Potter)"
"Torture the Defilements"
"Brahmaviharas, Guided Meditation"
"Ajahn Chah's Teachings on Not-Self"
"True Self-Help"
"Making Effort, Right Effort"
"Raising Energy, Overcoming Dullness"
"How to Handle Thought"
"Perception of Time"
"13 Body Awareness"
"Timelessness of Awareness - Things are this Way"
"Eyes are the Most Grasping"

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